Human Choriogonadotropin Hormone

HCG stands for human choriogonadotropin hormone. This hormone is present during pregnancy and available for dieters in the market for purchase. HCG hormone is extracted from pregnant women’s urine and serves as HCG diet. The hormone is taken to help cut the calories and enhance the process of converting extra fat in the body into energy to meet the energy requirements of the body. Obese individuals and people who need to maintain a good figure like celebrities commonly use the HCG hormone.

Here is a clip that was recorded from Dr. Oz show. Not that Dr. Oz is a credible source, but it is interesting to watch. Check it out!

HCG diet consists of a low-calorie diet and HCG treatment is administered by an injection or oral suspension. The HCG hormone doses should be taken at regular intervals followed by a 500 calorie daily diet. Physicians recommended you stick to the 500 calorie diet since your body is already pulling at least 2000 calories from the body’s fat reservoir to use as energy. Since you are required to consume only 500 calories when on the HCG diet plan, there are certain foods that you need to eat and certain foods you need to avoid. The foods you are recommended to eat on the diet plan will help your body attain normal metabolism.


For breakfast, you should take tea or black coffee, your preference should be something organic. There are several types of tea like organic Wu long tea, organic chamomile tea, and organic green tea you can take. Ensure you make the tea and coffee from pure water and not tap water. You can have as much coffee and tea as you want as long as you don’t add anything else to the drinks.

Lunch & Dinner

You should take certain proteins for lunch and dinner. These includes organic chicken breast, organic beef, and different kinds of fish low in mercury. Take protein should be with some vegetables like spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, and celery. Avoid adding oil while cooking the vegetables, instead steam, grill or boil. You can also take a small apple, a cup of strawberries and grapefruit along with the vegetables.

Avoid eating the same meals for lunch and dinner the same day. For example, you can choose to eat spinach and organic beef for lunch and chicken breast and cabbage for dinner. Nevertheless, when seasoning your food, use certain kinds of herbs. Take your dinner at least three hours before you go to sleep since your body has low metabolism when you are resting. Furthermore, take a fair share of antioxidants like kales and spinach for dinner.

Sometimes you may find yourself very hungry during the day, you can have lots of tea and coffee through the day. It is also encouraged that you take a lot of water during the day to ensure you are hydrated.


HCG can cause an imbalance in hormonal level altering physiology of an individual. These physical alterations dreaded diseases like cancer and tumors. HCG is not per the rules and regulations of FDA, so it is important you seek professional advice from your physician. HCG is not recommended for individuals putting up tough labor work or tight schedules.

This article was provided by and is strictly for educational purposes. It is important to stay that before starting any diet plan, or a supplement that you talk to your doctor.

Kratom: Traditional Eastern Medicine

The Kratom tree was first documented by the Dutch botanist Pieter Korthal who gave it the botanical name Mitragyna Speciosa. It is of the Rubiaceae family and is native in South East Asia, particularly Thailand, Malaysia, Burneo and New Guinea. The tree grows to a height of 12- 30 feet and a width of about 15 feet. It has dark green oval leaves which can be 7 inches long and 4 inches wide. Kratom shades or grows leaves depending on the season. During the dry season the leaves fall and in the wet season leaves grow abundantly. It has clustered yellow flowers, and throughout its flowering stage, the florets are completely covered and surrounded by overlapping bracteoles.

Traditionally, the leaves of Kratom have been used for medical purposes in South East Asia for centuries. The leaves were boiled and used as a beverage. They were also used to treat a number of diseases such as diarrhea, depression, Diabetes mellitus, anxiety, to aid in sleep, and in some instances as a sexual enhancer. Kratom has for long been used to treat drug dependence and addiction. It was used to rehabilitate patients suffering from opiates dependence. The withdrawal symptoms of opiates can be very dangerous and Kratom is very effective in combating opium addition by providing relief when patients experience withdrawal symptoms. Traditionally, Kratom was used by Thai farmers, peasants and laborers to stimulate the body and thus boost activity. They used Kratom to overcome the burden of the heavy work and their meager existences.

Maeng Da Kratom

Research is being conducted on the medical uses of Kratom, generally by those who found Kratomystic offering kratom for sale online as well as many other vendors. Studies have established that it can improve sleep and calm the mind. In New Zealand it has been used for methadone addiction and the National Institute of Thai Medicine has recommended its use for treating both opiate addicts and people suffering from depression. Common medical uses of Kratom include: Lowering blood pressure; Aimalacine, a compound in Kratom works as an anti- hypertensive and is commonly used in the treatment of hypertension. Anti-depressant; studies show that Mitragynine, a Kratom derivative has anti-depressant qualities and effects. Clinical research has proven that Kratom leaves are effective in the treatment of depression. Anti-Oxidant; Kratom has been found to be a powerful anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants combat harmful free radicals which are a major factor in the development of chronic diseases like cancer, gout, cardiac stroke and neurodegenerative diseases. The treatment of opium addiction; It has been proven to be effective in fighting opiate dependence and addiction.

The chemical composition of Kratom makes it unique. It is stimulating in lower dosages and in larger doses it acts as a sedative. The stimulating properties can boost alertness, energy levels, sociability, improve mood and in some instances increase libido. As a sedative it has analgesic effects which subdue physical and emotional sensitivity. As a sedative it is used to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Media coverage about Kratom has been negative and as a result authorities in many countries have criminalized the plant. Scientific evidence available proves that Kratom has no harmful effects and is totally safe. Criminalization of Kratom has been pursued mainly for economic reasons. Law enforcement agencies in a number of countries have copied Thailand and banned the plant. The Thai government banned the plant in the 1940s, but since 2010, it has admitted that the ban was completely unjustified and was informed by economic considerations. The Transnational Institute, a prestigious institution in Thailand, has demanded for the legalization of Kratom to enable research on the benefits of the tree, especially Kratom’s effect in treating alcoholism and drug addiction. Studies are also in progress in other countries including in the US, Denmark, Australia and Malaysia, on the properties and effects of Kratom